Single Artist Bio App

The Situation

How can we make users feel more informed and engaged about the artist’s work by organizing his paintings through categories we believe will be meaningful and instrumental to their patronage.

This is an app for a prolific artist who currently communicates to many repeat clients through a newsletter but would like to engage more with his fans’ desire for more information about his work. (September – December 2022)

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Veterinarian Office On-boarding Flow

The Situation

Small veterinarian offices are being pressed to modernize and leverage technology to create easier access to pet records. What are the features users would like access to at their pets vet office upon pet registration?

My Petz Vet is a veterinarian office that offers an app to customers that will pull their pets records and store them on a dashboard. As well as having easy access to pet records the app can also offer a way to easily schedule appointments, reorder food and medicine and offer additional features that improve competitive advantage.

The web domain name is for sale.
(January – March 2023)

Dashboard screen for MyPetzVet

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Exercise App

The Situation

PD research and patients both speak of exercise as a powerful way to slow disease progression.

People with PD need targeted exercises to work on motor and cognitive skills. However, there aren’t enough customized exercise for people with PD currently available.

The goal was to create a user friendly app that helps people with PD. These kind of exercises are also useful for people who suffer strokes and other people who suffer from neuro-degenerative diseases.
(April – May 2023)